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Alicia Esteve Head knew she had found a lifelong love when her mother first took her for riding at the early age of three. During her early years in multiple countries since, Alicia and her horses have enjoyed all life has to offer, including the sunshine, the change of seasons from winters to fall to spring to summer, the mountains, ocean, and desert. This proved to be a great breeding and training ground which enabled Alicia to concentrate and prepare her horses for many competitions. Since moving to England and the US, Alicia has bred, raised and trained many horses that have gone on to compete and achieve multiple awards. Through her love for horses, Alicia also contributes to many causes such as lending her horses to equine assisted therapy programs for children with special needs. As well as for various events that help raise money for cancer research. Alicia has seen firsthand how loved ones battled cancer, so this is very important to her. It brings people together and it helps support great causes, all the while helping to create awareness in the greater community.

While her professional career takes most of her time, Alicia always finds time to ride on the weekends and occasionally escapes the City to ride on week days as well. Her love for horses and horse riding is her passion in life and hopes to someday trade in her stilettos and laptop for a full time horse ranch where she can provide a habitat for rescued horses.

Alicia Esteve is an avid rider who always finds to the time to help horses in need. She has been known to hook up a trailer to her car on a Friday night and travel the distance to save horses that are abandoned, abused, neglected, unwanted or about to get auctioned to slaughter houses. Until her own ranch becomes a reality, she works with a number of non-profit volunteer organizations to find homes for these horses. She finds it an incredible rewarding experience.

Alicia Esteve enjoys working with these horses to rehabilitate them so they can find permanent homes. She finds the rehabilitation process a very emotional endeavor. Many require one-on-one attention until the horse can learn that human touch can be a positive experience.

While Alicia regularly pursues other interests in her life, there are few things she can ever imagine doing with her life, and there never was.


Alicia Esteve Head

Alicia Esteve loves flowers. She encourages everyone to plant trees and create awareness to people to save the environment. Alicia Esteve runs a personal green house in her garden and takes very special care of it. There are many varieties of flowering plants and vegetable plants in her garden.